Analtoys not only look chic, they give pleasure and can be put to good use for one's own health.

The pleasure that anal toys bring is not only for the female sex. In both sexes, the anus is criss-crossed by many nerve endings and is therefore very sensitive. Anal penetration has a stimulating effect on the rectal tract and the anus.

Which in a man can stimulate the prostate and bring him to climax without the need to erect the penis.

You don't know which of the many analtoys is right for you?  Anal Plugs are inserted into the anus and stay in place because of the shape. This toy serves to relax, stretch and stimulate the muscles of the rectal area. Thus, you are optimally prepared for anal intercourse.

Anal Locks belong to the BDSM- Analtoys and are less suitable for anal pleasure beginners than for more experienced persons. Suitable for experienced women and men alike.

Under Anal Balls & Stäbe you can find prostate-stimulators with different numbers of balls and shapes also plump dildo-analstäbe in most different versions.

Please remember to use a suitable lubricant for anal pleasure. That way, the fun lasts even longer!