The category cocktoys includes all love toys that were explicitly created for the satisfaction of the male member. They are therefore the cock rings (penis rings), acorn ringsvarious weights, as well as testicle presses, which are specifically designed to enhance male pleasure.

The cock ring or penis ring is a special ring that is placed around the penis. It functions as a chic accessory that makes your penis look nice and at the same time serves to strengthen and prolong your erection.

Anacorn ring basically has the same function as a penis ring. The place of use is in different places, as the name suggests. The penis ring is placed directly on the glans. As is often the case, there are several variations. Acorn rings with one or more balls are among the most popular rings of their kind.

Ball stretchers (testicle stretchers) do exactly what it sounds like – they stretch the testicles by länger wearing them. The wearer can expect a special feeling when wearing them. Wearing during sex play is just as suitable as wearing in lonely hours. Different ball stretchers offer multiple possibilities. Please make sure that the testicles do not get too cold. If the testicles start to turn blue, please loosen the lacing immediately to avoid prolonged blood stasis.

When testicle squeezing pleasure and pain meet. You can adjust the product to suit your needs and desires. With some products, the device can even be adjusted so that the testicle weight is supported individually.