Clinic Toys

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The clinic toys are used in the most intimate clinic games. With the right tools, there will soon be nothing standing in the way of doctor games!

With the different specula speculums you get a deep insight into the respective, hot; desired area. Are you looking for special specula for the rectal area? Then it's worth taking a look at our rectal retractors !

Are you into pleasure pain? Want to test your pain limits, or even push them? Then the Nerve Wheel is the right thing for you. Nerve wheel, also known as needle wheel, anaesthesiometer, sensitivity wheel or waiting wheel, was originally made for use in neurological examinations. Today, it is impossible to imagine the BDSM scene without this erotic tool. It is a perfect companion for hot S&M games alone or in pairs. The needle wheel can be used in many ways. It is suitable for relaxation, arousal, playful painting and more.

As we all know that tastes are different, the nerve räder also comes in different versions. You can choose to have a single or multiple R&Rs nerve ring with a single or multiple R&Rs.

The mouth spreader, also called a jaw spreader, is what you need if you want that coveted mouth to stay open the way you want it. Our mouth spreaders are made of medical steel and can be individually adjusted thanks to the multi-adjustable leather neck strap. A light rubber coating is integrated into our products to protect the teeth.


For your own safety: please be sure to clean and disinfect your pleasure toy before and after each use